"We've created a brilliant boutique qualitative research firm where everybody wins! Come join the Sounding House crew and gain access to ongoing training, valuable mentoring and proprietary methodologies."

Cynthia Atwood-Steinberg
President and Founder

We can tell by looking — you’re good at what you do! YOU are a qualitative research pro — and you know you’ve found your true calling.

You feel that familiar thrill every time you walk into a focus group room: every fiber of your being is energized by the candid interchange waiting to happen. You rejoice in the creativity and dynamic nature of uncovering hidden customer insights.

You enjoy being a real partner with your clients, helping solve problems, identify new markets and understand complicated behaviors. You delight in the prospect of working across a variety of industries – from food to greeting cards and cosmetics to telecommunications. You enjoy the work you do.

So you love, love, LOVE what you do…EXCEPT perhaps for those “little things.” From procuring great field facilities to nailing down screening requirements, going it alone is difficult. The never-ending train of bid tracking, invoices and accounts receivable ransacks your precious time – there’s just not enough time in a week. Not to mention the lack of colleagues to brainstorm and share insights with and who might help you catapult your career to the next level.

You’re invited to Sounding House

You pursued the qualitative research profession because of the intellectual challenge it provides and because of your awesome ability to relate to people of all kinds. Sounding House “gets” that. We’ve built a structure that allows you to do what you enjoy, and enables you to use your talents while we handle some of the tedious marketing and business tasks.

Sounding House is a place that masterfully executes all of the details of a qualitative project, leaving the fun part to you. We’ve created a brilliant boutique qualitative research firm, where everybody wins!

Our clients win.

They gain access to an ensemble of talented, committed professionals with one phone call. Sounding House provides a consistent level of service and ability drawn together by high standards and protocols that create a firm greater than the sum of its parts.

Our affiliate moderators win.

Our moderators maintain their independence, yet become a part of something larger: a supportive community of creative, intelligent and innovative professionals. We provide them projects with Fortune 500 companies, they are solidly compensated with financial benefits and professional development opportunities that are difficult to acquire on one’s own.

Sounding House wins.

We are able to expand our capabilities and grow our talent pool. We serve our clients better by providing them with seamless research, consistent quality in the research process and flexible scheduling. Plus, we are able to utilize the best-of-the-best moderators and industry-leading techniques matched specifically to their objectives.

Take a new route home.

By coming home to Sounding House, you get access to our art and science of listening. That's what we do here and what we are known for: real listening, deep listening, hold back your shoulders, open up your heart listening…to our clients, to each other, and to regular people – customers of all kinds – around the country.

Our door is always open

Become a Sounding House affiliate moderator and gain access to:

Enduring Client Relationships

You have the opportunity to gain experience and further your moderating skills with Fortune 500 and dynamic small business clients. And, if you bring a new client into the mix, Sounding House bears all related new business costs associated with client acquisition.

Stellar project coordination

We take the headache out of doing what you love by:

  • Developing a full client project proposal with background, research objectives, methodology, timeline, and cost estimates.
  • Managing project fieldwork: procuring, scheduling and managing suppliers, managing screening, and managing all recruiting.
  • Providing all clerical support and materials for the preparation and distribution of project reports.
  • Handling all financial arrangements including client invoicing, payment of travel expenses and all direct costs associated with client projects.

Complete marketing support.

We provide complete marketing support so you don’t have to worry about hitting the marketing trenches every month. Let us:

  • Develop and implement ongoing, targeted marketing tactics.
  • Engage in dynamic relationship-building efforts with potential and existing clients.
  • Evaluate client satisfaction with all aspects of projects and provide feedback to all participants.

Ongoing professional development opportunities.

As an affiliate moderator with Sounding House, you gain access to ongoing training and valuable mentoring. You acquire diverse and dynamic professional acumen through direct contact with a variety of industries and companies. You gain access to successful, proprietary moderation techniques that Sounding House has developed (i.e. Open Circles™ and Inundation/Deprivation™ ).

And perhaps most importantly, you find yourself within a creative, intelligent, connected community — that stimulates the development of new, imaginative, qualitative tools and techniques to assist with client solutions.

Nationwide field facilities.

We have established solid relationships with field facilities across the country. You tap into our network, while we provide all of the required scheduling.

Flexible scheduling.

We match the needs of each client to the best techniques and affiliate moderators. This unique Sounding House approach minimizes schedule conflicts for you and our clients.

Generous and prompt payment for services.

You receive solid compensation for your work with us. To be clear, you get
paid promptly.


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