“The Listening Labs™ is a great tool to use when I want my clients to be fully immersed and focused – I think the process has helped us to listen ‘actively’. The Listening Labs™ forces us to very quickly become involved in the process and to experience our consumers’ perspective. Cynthia does a wonderful job and the time is always
well spent."

Carli Rosencranz
Market Research Specialist
Tyson Foods

The Listening LabS™ - Our breakthrough process breathes life back into qualitative MARKET research.

The backroom is a cacophony of chatter; eyes are fixed on computer screens, awash with emails that need to be returned. Are you frustrated with the lack of attention and selective listening in the backroom? Would you like to have a more powerful and, ultimately, more productive focus group experience? We invite you to consider the Listening Labs.

The Listening Labs is an engaging and provocative process that brings consumers and their needs front and center, while also creating a cohesive and highly focused team.

We are proud to offer the Listening Labs – our contribution to qualitative market research that redifines the art and science of listening.

You can expect

  • A breakthrough in listening
  • Tools and techniques that continue to be utilized in other qualitative projects
  • The emergence of a spirited team, experiencing the power of collective wisdom
  • Fresh insights that create the foundation for compelling positionings, innovative products and powerful communications

The Listening Labs is a place of interaction and exploration. It is an engaging and provocative process that brings consumers and their needs front and center and creates a cohesive and highly focused team.


The Listening LabS is comprised of three phases: The Backroom Revolution, The Immersion Zone, and BrainFusion

Although focus groups are conducted in this initial phase, the focus group experience is transformed.

The half-day listening workshop - is a powerful combination of information and exercises carefully crafted to allow participants to identify their own limitations and barriers to listening. Participants create their own personal listening style and then make a commitment to bring this renewed listening to both the focus groups and the Immersion Zone.

A new way of note taking - Participants are introduced to a collaborative approach that encourages heightened listening, group cooperation and sustained attention. This collaborative note taking is used to create a Talking Wall.

Focus groups - The Qualitative Specialist from Sounding House conducts focus groups as is deemed appropriate for the project objectives.

Talking Wall - After the focus groups, the team gathers and sorts the data, which then becomes the Talking Wall.

The Immersion Zone

This hands-on approach creates a heightened level of empathy that uncovers consumer knowledge and insights not easily discovered elsewhere.

In-Context Conversations - Experiential direct interactions with consumers on ‘their’ turf, whether at home, work, at play or while shopping. Client teams are sent out with a questioning guide and a Polaroid ® camera to explore and document the lives of their consumers.

Story Sharing - At the end of the day the teams are engaged in a dynamic story and data sharing process that deepens their understanding, commitment and ownership of the data.

The BrainFusion

This workshop combines the insights of qualitative research with the energy of brainstorming - clients begin to internalize and embrace the research.

Data Convergence - The team convenes to share the insights and perspectives from the Backroom Revolution/focus groups and the Immersion Zone.

Ideation - Brainstorming techniques and improvisational exercises galvanize team spirit; playing with the data inspires new ideas and strategies.

So What? - This stategy session uses visual facilitation to accelerate a company's ability to act and make decisions on consumers insights.


Experiment, explore and expand your mind in the Listening Labs.


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